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Overcome Challenges and Reach Your Goals

How we work

At Inclusive Fitness, we feel that fitness is for all. Over the years, clients have been trained from many starting points. These have involved many physiological and psychological issues, and by having tailor made workouts to suit the clients specific requirements, improvements have been made.

It is commonly heard as a personal trainer that nothing will be seen as a surprise. At Inclusive fitness, we can honestly say that nothing will surprise us. From clients with autism (non verbal communication), physiological issues such as Multiple Sclerosis, or psychological issues, such as severe depression, positive impacts have been made and are still being made. Clients are made to feel special, with tailored programmes, follow ups, and support, so have the confidence within yourself that you can do it, its never to late, and contact us for your tailored needs.

About Paul Murphy

Personal trainer, Paul Murphy, has a long background in sport and physical education. Gaining a BSc in Sports Science, followed by a REPs accredited level 3 personal training qualification, he has vast experience of training numerous client over the years.

From conducting school sessions with children as young as 4, to personal training with a client at the other age of the spectrum (88), and many in between, you should have the confidence that no matter what your goal, and no matter what your perceived ailment, Paul will ensure you are made to feel as though you can achieve.

A common quote I hear in a consultation session is that a client doesn’t feel they can achieve. They are beaten by a physiological issue, age, or quite often motivation. It is my job to ensure this behaviour changes to ‘I can do’, ‘I will fight’ or ‘this will not beat me’. Once this happens the vast majority of clients achieve and it is great to see.

Paul Murphy

Founder, Inclusive Fitness