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Opportunities, Ideas and Tips for Your Fitness Future

Make Autumn Awesome

Autumn can be a beautiful time of year – crisp leaves on the ground, changing autumn colours and a lovely breeze in the air. The weather is changing, children are back to school. Routines are again in place – it’s time to get back into exercise!

Has the British Weather Frozen Your Training?

We’ve had very changeable weather, from freezing snow to biting cold and high winds. The weather can make outdoor training difficult or just unpleasant. Here I suggest 10 exercises – a 10-minute workout requiring no equipment – that you can do anywhere.

The Injury Conundrum

Understanding an injury – and settling on an effective way to aid recovery and healing – is not always easy. But by paying attention to your body and listening to the advice of experts, you are more likely to get back to health safely and quickly.

Will You Fall Off the Wagon?

Have a drink, by all means. But, the long-term benefits of lifestyle changes – more sleep and exercise, less alcohol, better diet – mean that we should try not  to go overboard when Dry January gives way to February and the rest of the year.

How to Avoid ‘Gym Intimidation’

Nerves, the jitters, embarrassment. That feeling you get when you open the door to the gym and you try to think of a number of excuses to turn around and run away. If this sounds familiar, I want to show you how not to be intimidated by the gym.