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Our Clients Have Unique Reasons for Being Here

Our clients’ motivations

Overall fitness and well-being

A good level of fitness helps us to feel better emotionally and physically, and enables us to lead the lives that we enjoy. We stretch (but do not bully) you to achieve fitness goals that excite you and also make a difference to your well-being.

Injury and rehabilitation

Anyone can get injured. To aid recovery, rest and the right activity matter equally. At Inclusive Fitness we train you in a way that is both encouraging and safe. We work with physiotherapists and the advice of your doctor to help you return to fitness as quickly as possible.

Physical and mental health conditions

We have the skills, patience, care and experience in dealing with various conditions. We want to give you the confidence that you or your loved ones are in safe hands and are training with the correct techniques to help with your training specifications.

Young or old age

Inclusive Fitness is experienced in working with the particular needs of both children and the elderly. Our thoughtful approach to listening to and training you with proper care and attention allows you (or your children) to achieve ambitious or gentle fitness goals.

Sports and athletics demands

Inclusive Fitness has experience in working with elite athletes. From former pro footballers to current world Frisbee competitors, we can help you achieve that extra 5% you need to take you to the next level.

What can we do for you?

Take a look at our services and see how we can help you achieve your fitness goals.