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What Our Clients Say About Us

I live with Multiple Sclerosis, MS and I have been a client with Paul now for over a year at my local gym. The support that I receive from Paul has been incredible. By working together as a team, I have not just lost weight in this time but I have also learnt about living a healthier lifestyle. He has taught me that staying healthy isn’t always only about losing weight and is not only for a season, but living a healthy life style is for life and with this, Paul helps me to set goals and achieve them. I now don’t feel disabled but enabled. Thanks Paul.

Sarah H

I started with Paul some 2 years ago after a bone density scan showed that my levels needed improving. Using various machines and body weight exercises the density has increased significantly and of course my general fitness has improved too. A shoulder injury necessitated different exercises and Paul has always been innovative, enthusiastic and above all patient.

No matter what the challenge is (water skiing 2016), a faster PB this year, Paul rises to it with suitable and appropriate exercises l, and his humour gets us through the session so that I always look forward to the next one.

Whatever your personal aims, Paul will find the right solution for you and you will find yourself achieving more than you thought possible. We just differ at the end when Paul says relax, and I collapse!!

Candy M

I have been a long time athlete and I thought I had seen every exercise, but Paul was able to put together unique and challenging workouts that kept things fun and entertaining while really pushing me. He tailored workouts to my specific needs (ultimate Frisbee player) and even did background research to make sure the exercises were tailored for my sport. I really can’t recommend him enough! Plus the 30-min training is perfect for people who already know how to warm up and cool down on their own. Cheers Paul!!!!!!!

Adrienne Tecza

Professional Athlete

“Paul has been a total godsend to me and is the first trainer that has varied my program enough to always keep the experience fresh and tailor-made our sessions to incorporate the appropriate rehab for two surgeries I have had since I’ve known him.  I ruptured my ACL in a ski accident and one year later had bunion surgery.  He has always achieved the perfect balance through these episodes of going gently but pushing me hard enough to ensure I kept up a good level of fitness throughout the recovery period, one of which lasted a full year.  Paul also helped me with training for a 70k bike ride.  I cannot recommend him highly enough for his all round thorough knowledge of fitness – from the outset, he ascertains what your specific personal goals are, and helps you to achieve them in a manageable way.  We have trained both in the gym and in local parks and above all, I have most appreciated the combination of a regularly varied set of exercises together with good banter to keep the sessions enjoyable!

Natasha M